NEWSOME & Co, Coventry. No 151349


Royal Navy centre-seconds 'Chronometer Watch' with rare karrusel movement.

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Heavy silver crystal (flat glass) case hallmarked London 1907, sponsor's mark IJTN (Isaac Jabez Theo Newsome). Three-quarter plate keyless movement jewelled to the 2nd, with cap jewels on balance (diamond), lever and escape. Single-roller detached lever escapement, compensation balance, balance-spring with overcoil. Single-sunk signed enamel dial in perfect condition, also with 'Broad Arrow' mark, as has the movement, original blued-steel hands. 57 mm diameter. Together with Admiralty pattern 3-piece mahogany Deck Box.

Newsome and Co ‘Wholesale Watch Manufacturers’ 14  & 15 Butts, Coventry, one of the leading English watch manufactures of the period. The Royal Navy purchased many Deck watches in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but few with karrusel revolving escapements.

Bahne, Bonniksen, 16 Norfolk St, Coventry, Patent No 21,241, November 1892, inventor of a revolving carriage 'karrusel' in which the escapement and balance is made to turn 360 degrees in 34 minutes (more in standard offset seconds movements). This was done in order to cancel out the deleterious effects of gravity in fixed escapement watches. Doing essentially the same as devised by John Arnold, and first made by A-L Breguet who called it a tourbillon, the karrusel differs in as much as the power of the mainspring drives both the carriage and the escapement. In the tourbillon the mainspring drives only the the carriage, the escape wheel pinion being driven by a fixed wheel mounted under the carriage - the karrusel does not have a fixed wheel.

This watch came 28th in the 1910 Greenwich Trials and was then purchased for Navy use. Its Royal Navy records, now part of the ICI held at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, shows that it served on the Destroyer HMS Bullfinch and the submarine depot ship HMS Platypus during the 1st World War, ending up on the torpedo boat depot ship HMS Hecla.

A couple of scratches to the movement, otherwise in fine original condition, as is its box which has just been lightly polished. Serviced and guaranteed.