New MARTIN. Royal Exchange, London. No 2489

MARTIN. Royal Exchange, London. No 2489


Rare cylinder movement by this little known maker, circa 1785.

More details

Well finished fullplate fusee movement with balance-brake, Harrison's going-fusee, jewelled to the 4th with cap jewels on balance and escape, both cap and movement signed. Cylinder (dead-beat) escapement, with 16-tooth brass escape. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. 38.5 mm diameter.

Thomas Martin watch and chronometer maker, Cornhill and later at the Royal Exchange, London, made Liveryman of the Clockmakers' Company in 1780. Thomas Earnshaw mentions him as a good maker.

NB: Following on from the success of John Harrison's H4, maintaining power was gradually introduced into London watchmaking, but only slowly. Very few watches of this date are known to have a going-fusee, and the extent of jeweling in this cylinder watch is also unusual for the time, mostly being used for the earliest pocket chronometers at this period. 

Lacking brass-edge motion-work etc, otherwise complete. Not cleaned by me but will tick when wound.