DENT, 34 Cockspur St, London. No 8062


Good late free-sprung centre-seconds Deck Watch, complete with box, circa 1918.

More details

Base metal drum case with intentionally no glass or bezel, the screw back numbered as the movement. Keyless three-quarter plate going-barrel movement, jewelled to the centre (3rd), with cap jewels on balance (diamond), lever and escape. Single-roller detached lever escapement, the steel club-tooth escape with polished tips. Compensation balance, free-sprung balance-spring with overcoil. Signed enamel dial, original blued-steel hands. Drum case 54 mm diameter. Together with its original 2-piece mahogany Deck Box with fixed inner brass housing for the movement, the bezel with flat glass, the brass container numbered as the movement.

M F Dent, 34 Cockspur St, London, along with E J Dent, leading watch, chronometer and clock makers of the period - see the book on Edward John Dent... and the various Dent firms by Vaudrey Mercer. This watch was no doubt intended for Royal Navy usage but almost certainly remained unfinished when the war ended, thus was later sold into the civilian market. It also dates from the end of the M F Dent business which was taken back under the E J Dent name in 1920. 

NB: Its casing is typical of the later form of English Deck watches which were never cased as wearable watches, but fitted up as seen. The one anomaly is the serial number which indicates it was bought in by Dent and carries the number of its actual manufacturer. This is most likely to be Johannsen at this date.

Hair crack in dial, as usual, otherwise showing few signs of use. Serviced and guaranteed.