Anonymous, probably Paris work


Fine centre-seconds watch, its virgule escapement with rare steel escape, circa 1820.

More details

Lepine-type calibre movement with separate cocks for each wheel mounted on a single plate and a 'standing' barrel with typical best quality 'double height' stop work, as used by Breguet and a few other makers, the dead seconds hand with balance-brake operating via a discreet lever in the band, at 4. Rare virgule (comma) escapement with polished steel escape, one of very few I have seen. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Beautiful Breguet-quality enamel dial, with blued-steel hands of the style made famous by Breguet. Now housed in a silver display case having glazed covers front and back, made for its previous owner by the late Martin Matthews, the pendant bearing his MRM stamp. 54.5 mm diameter.

Presumably originally in a gold case, the name of its maker/retailer is likely to have been lost when the cuvette was discarded.

Just slight scratches showing on the lovely dial, and of course re-cased, otherwise a fine and now wearable again example of this rarely seen French escapement. It is also a good example of the late Martin Matthews best work - a fine movement in a fine case. Serviced and guaranteed.