ARMY & NAVY Co-operative Society Ltd, London. No 6822


Good free-sprung lever movement by this interesting firm, circa 1895.

More details

Half plate, keyless going-barrel movement (openface set) with rocking-bar keyless work, jewelled to the centre with cap jewels on balance (diamond), lever and escape, the 12-size Lancashire frame stamped J.P (Preston). Single-roller detached lever escapement. Best quality compensation balance with quarter-timing nuts, free-sprung balance-spring with overcoil. Numbered enamel dial in perfect condition, blued-steel hands. 41.5 mm diameter, 9 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

The Army & Navy Stores, 105 Victoria Street, London, running their own very good quality watchmaking department as well as buying in the best work from others, such as Victor Kullberg.

Joseph Preston, the most famous of Liverpool watch rough movement manufacturers, supplier to all the best English finishers and retailers of his day.

Lacking seconds hand, top balance pivot broken and rather dusty, otherwise complete. Not working.