MORTON'S Patent. No 637


Rare early example of Morton's Patent escapement, circa 1857.

More details

Fullplate fusee movement with vacant barrel-bar, ready to be signed by/for the retailer, the 14-size frame stamped T&JH (Thomas and James Hewitt, Prescot). Morton's Patent detached escapement with double roller configuration, the countersunk larger roller with radial jewel, the Massey-type horns of the lever acting with a Massey-2 type roller. Escape wheel with chronometer shaped teeth, as shown in the Patent. Compensation balance, spiral balance spring. Cream enamel dial in perfect condition, signed CHRONOMETER and numbered 637 in red, mis-matched gilt hands. 43 mm diameter, 10 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

George Morton, born in Scotland in 1812 and by this time operating as a watchmaker in Market Place, Keighley, Yorshire. His Patent No 2432, October 1857, is for a Robin-type detached escapement with chronometer style (single) impulse, of which this is an early example. 

NB: This movement is featured in my Horological Profile on 'Morton's Patent Watches' which gives full information about these interesting watches. Formerly in the Vaudrey Mercer collection.

Mis-matched hands, lacking its cap and rather dirty, otherwise complete and unbroken. Not cleaned by me and rather gummed up with dried oil. Sold as not working and needing at least a service and fresh oil to work properly