Retailed by Messrs OLLIVANTS, Manchester. No 6000


Rare Ormskirk dead-beat watch, in fine original condition.

More details

Silver paircase with tall pendant, the outer with contemporary watchpaper issued by the retailers, hallmarked Chester 1806, casemaker I.E (probably John Ellison, Liverpool). Fullplate going-barrel movement with 'exposed' mainspring, the Swiss/French style balance-bridge mounted with a steel coquerette. Ormskirk (Debaufre-type) escapement with twin steel escape wheels acting on a single pallet. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Convex enamel dial in lovely condition, with matching pierced gold 'Liverpool' hands. 56 mm diameter.

Thomas and John Ollivant, successors to their father, working at Exchange Street and St Mary's Gate, Manchester, retailers.

These Lancashire deadbeat watches were the first to be finished in a style that did not follow London work, and were the origins of the burgeoning Liverpool watch making industry - my recent AHS (Keele University) Paper on the subject, a copy of which is in my website glossary, provides more background.

A few light scratches to the enamel dial, otherwise in lovely original condition - a very good example of the exposed mainspring variant of these rare Lancashire watches. Serviced and guaranteed.