BARRAUD & LUNDS, 41 Cornhill, London. No 3/1153


The finest example of Lund's Patent attached key wound watch.

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Lightly engine-turned barrel-edge gold crystal (flat glass) case hallmarked 1872, case maker HCD (Henry Charles Dewar, Clerkenwell). Best quality third-series three-quarter plate movement with raised engraved barrel, the fusee with female winding. Double-roller detached lever escapement. Compensation balance, free-sprung balance-spring with overcoil. Lovely signed enamel dial with state-of-wind indication in perfect condition, original gold hands. 51.5 mm diameter.

Paul Philip Barraud and John Richard Lund, one of the leading London watch and chronometer manufacturers throughout the 19th century - see the book by Cedric Jagger Paul Phillip Barraud and the Supplement for extensive details of this important London firm. J A Lund's Patent No 914, March 1870, in which a winding key is held within what otherwise appears to be a standard keyless pendant. Sold as Barraud & Lunds 'Railway' watch' in their Illustrated Price List of circa 1895 (copies of my 1997 reprint are available in the Book Section on this website), this free-sprung example must rate as one of, if not the finest example known.

Light wear showing on the engine-turning, otherwise in fine, not mint, original condition, with no previous crest or dedication. Serviced and guaranteed.