Stylish late Georgian watch signed for its first female owner and dated 1827.

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Engine-turned with reeded pendant and bow, barrel-edge git-metal case, numbered 957, with casemakers' cameo stamp IIG (James John Gliddon, Red Lion Passage, London). Good quality fullplate fusee movement with diamond endstone and a well engraved balance cock. Verge (recoil) escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Convex enamel dial with winding near 12, gold hands. 48 mm diameter.

NB: Modern collectors, mostly men, tend to forget that both women and men wore pocket watches and that around half of those watches that do survive will have been worn by a woman. Further, though it is likely that smaller watches were generally more commonly worn by women this is far from the complete story and it would be far better to consider that most watches, certainly in the 18th century, were unisex in design and wear. For example, the large centre-seconds paircase by Thomas Mudge containing the world's first detached lever escapement in a watch, of around 58 mm diameter, was worn by Queen Charlotte throughout the 1770's. 

Gilding showing some wear, some small blemishes to dial and the front cover fly spring lacking. Otherwise in good original condition. Serviced and guaranteed.