LITHERLAND DAVIES & Co, No 16658 for Joshua BATES, Huddersfield


Massey lever watch with rare transitional movement with sprung cap.

More details

Slim silver case with gold joints hallmarked Chester 1836, casemaker TE/HF (Timothy Ellison and Henry Fishwick, Liverpool) as well as the stamp of the makers, LD Co (Litherland). Transitional three-quarter plate fusee movement with sprung cap and balance-brake acting on the escape wheel. Massey type-3 detached lever escapement. Gold balance, spiral balance-spring. Cream enamel dial, gilt fleur de lys hands and a seconds hand of the correct sort that almost never survives. 50 mm diameter. 

Joshua Bates, retailer, recorded as working in King Street, Huddersfield, between 1814 and 1837.

Peter Litherland, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. The most famous of Liverpool watchmakers, known for his invention of the rack-lever escapement, but he was also one of the first watch manufacturers to fit and market the new detached lever escapements designed and patented by Edward J Massey. NB: This transitional form of movement is typically associated with Litherland's work.

Edward Massey, Newcastle, Coventry and Liverpool, escapement manufacturer and Patentee of the first extensively used detached lever escapements. Catalogued in recent times by Alan Treherne, the various types have come to be called from 1 to 5.

Replaced hands and the usual hair cracks in the dial. Not cleaned by me and looking to need a service but ticking and telling the time when wound. It can be freshly serviced by me if wanted - likely cost around £150.

NB: This is one of a small collection of interesting but not expensive watches that I shall be putting on my website over the next few months, some of which have not been serviced by me and mostly offered at sale prices. They were collected over a period of thirty years and most are very good examples of rare or uncommon English watches which would not be easy to find elsewhere.