Peter AMYOT, Norwich. No 193


Good capped and jewelled London finished verge movement, circa 1780.

More details

Well engraved fullplate fusee movement with square baluster pillars and nicely finished steel work (note the case bolt spring), both cap and movement signed. Verge (recoil) escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring.  Fine quality convex enamel dial that may be a later replacement, but is not a recent marriage. 38.5 mm diameter, 17 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Peter Amyot [Amyott], son of Peter of Huguenot descent, working at 19 Haymarket, Norwich, then one of the leading watch and clock retailers in Norwich, taking former apprentice James Bennett into partnership in 1790. Amyot was a most interesting character with an interest in political freedom, much against the wishes of those in government (William Pitt) at the time and their wish to crush the British Radical Movement - he is well worth further research. See also Bird Norfolk & Norwich Clocks & Clockmakers.

NB: Verge movements were rarely finished as well as those with a cylinder escapement, this being a good example. Also note the less common position of the slide plate in relation to the cock, leading to adjacent winding and regulation squares, as seen in the  work of the Mudge and Dutton firm, as well as just a few other London watchmakers.

Lacking hands and a few minor scratches to the otherwise perfect dial. Not cleaned by me but will tick happily when wound.