Watch chain - silver


Good Victorian 'single Albert' chain, most suitable for waistcoat but also for jacket use.

More details

Heavy silver graduated curb-link chain with T-bar and dog-clip, both stamped J.R (one of many companies using a similar stamp), hallmarked London 1872, with short drop. 12 inches (30 cm) in total length, weight 52 grams.

For those who are not sure of how they were worn on a waistcoat, the T-bar goes through a button hole and the watch, held by the dog clip, is supported in a pocket. The other end can be used for a vesta case, pedometer, or similar. For chains also with a small length of chain (drop) at the T-bar, any suitable medallion can be suspended, depending on the taste of the wearer. This was often a medal; coin; watch key; compass; etc. If used on a waistcoat, the button hole chosen for the T-bar is a matter of taste, sometimes being as low as the pocket, or a higher position can be used to show off the chain.

NB: Any chain can also be used for holding a watch in a top jacket pocket but do please be aware that heavy chains, and watches of course, can distort the hanging of lighter weight jackets.

A fine, all original chain in little used condition and suitable for most English, Swiss and American watches.