Tho MUDGE & W DUTTON, London. No 1079


Top quality half-quarter repeating movement from this famous firm, circa 1775.

More details

Capped fullplate fusee movement of typical Mudge/late Graham caliper with beautifully engraved cock, with best quality Stogdon repeat work mounted under the dial. Cylinder escapement with original 13 tooth brass escape, but lacking the balance. Original enamel dial, enamelled on gold, with winding aperture between 11 and 12 - thus was in a single rather than a pair case. 37 mm diameter, 16.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Thomas Mudge & William Dutton, Fleet St, London, the foremost watchmaking partnership in the second half of the 18th century, both having been apprenticed to George Graham, who was himself apprenticed to Thomas Tompion.

NB: Of the 800 or so watches produced by the Mudge & Dutton firm, only around twenty repeaters survive in their original cases, many of which have later dials. Movements of this originality, even without its balance, are rarely available.

Lacking hands and the balance complete with its cylinder and balance-spring, the dial with some cracks, and all rather dirty. Otherwise a rare chance to own an example of this makers repeating work in better condition than usually found, the repeat work intact. Not working.