W.B and MARLOW, Coventry. No 10508


Rare and interestingly marked rough movement, circa 1900.

More details

Large 20-size fullplate fusee movement numbered 10508, the cock with a diamond shaped foot, the hollow-back frame stamped MARLOW and with the frame maker's stamp W.B. No train or escapement parts present, just the potence. 50 mm diameter, 11 mm deep.

Charles Marlow, Coventry, 'manufacturer of gold & silver watches, keyless, centre-seconds, non-magnetic, etc, for both home and overseas markets.' NB: This movement is the sort associated with rail guard's watches of the period intended for rough wear, but I have seen the MARLOW stamp on a variety of movements, particularly Bonniksen karrusels, for which examples are recorded entered by him for the Kew Watch Trials

W.B, possibly William Brown 'watch movement maker' who was working in Eccleston, Lancashire at this period.

A rare caliper. One noticeable mark on the top plate, otherwise the stoned plates are much cleaner than usually found.