Thos MUDGE & Wm DUTTON, London. No 1117


Top quality cylinder movement by this most famous partnership, circa 1775.

More details

Large capped fullplate fusee movement of typical Mudge / late Graham caliper, with beautifully engraved cock and slide plate and adjacent winding and regulation squares, with well made balance-brake operating on the 4th wheel. Cylinder (deadbeat) escapement retaining the 15-tooth brass escape and steel cylinder with its original Graham-type banking. Steel balance, original 4 1/2 turn blued-steel balance-spring. Unusual but original enamel dial showing offset seconds and no 5-minute marks. 41.5 mm diameter, 16.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Thomas Mudge & William Dutton, Fleet St, London, the foremost watchmaking partnership in the second half of the 18th century, both having been apprenticed to George Graham - Mudge oversaw the watch work and Dutton the clock making.

NB: Mudge & Dutton led the fashion for removing the 5-minute marks from watch dials at this period, this being a relatively early example. It is also unusual for showing offset seconds, and please note that the seconds/4th wheel arbor is jewelled on the dial side - a lovely and rare feature of this period.

Hair crack in dial and hands lacking, otherwise a rare chance to own an example of these makers best work in lovely original condition. The dial crack may clean and out well and, with suitable hands, would make this a very good example of the firm's watch work which was probably being overseen by Larcum Kendall at this period. Not cleaned by me, and the oil long since dried out, but tries to run when wound. Sold as needing at least cleaning and fresh oil to work properly.