Mattw DUTTON, London. No 1023


Good quality movement from Matthew, son of Matthew Dutton, circa 1825.

More details

Nicely finished and engraved 20-size fullplate fusee movement with maintenance, jewelled to the dial side of the 4th (seconds), with cap jewels on balance (diamond) and escape, the cap stamped LxR and the foot of the cock WN, both makers associated with the better London work of the period. Cylinder (deadbeat) escapement with original (English) polished steel escape. Gold balance, spiral balance-spring. One-piece enamel dial in perfect condition, the back signed by the maker Cooper, gold hands. 48 mm diameter, 13.5 deep, not including centre arbor.

Matthew Dutton, son of Matthew Dutton and grandson of William Dutton, continuing the business set up by Thomas Mudge and his grandfather around 1765. This movement dates from just after the partnership between the Matthews Dutton, father and son, was dissolved in 1823. The younger Matthew began a new numbering sequence at this time, starting it seems at number 1000. NB: This is one of less than ten known surviving watches by the younger Matthew.

Later minute hands and no seconds, otherwise a lovely movement in fine original condition. Not cleaned by me and the old oil long since dried out, but will just about tick when wound. Sold as needing at least a service and fresh oil to work correctly.