CWMC No 12058


Rare Coventry rough movement with cap, circa 1890.

More details

Fullplate fusee frame ready to be completed and finished, the 12-size hollow-back (no brass-edge) pillar plate stamped CWMC and numbered 12058, the cap stamped T.W. Frame and cap only, no cock, train or escapement parts. 41 mm diameter.

The Coventry Watch Movement Manufacturing Company Limited, initially formed in 1889 to protect Coventry watchmakers from the possible reduction in the flow of Liverpool made rough movements after the formation of the Lancashire Watch Company. See the article on the CWMC by D H Bacon in the September 1993 issue of Antiquarian Horology - Max Cutmore is a pen name also used by this author.

T.W probably Thomas Whittaker who is Registered in the 1881 census as being a cap maker working in Coventry. NB: Few rough movements with caps have survived and, being unfinished, confirms one-piece manufacture using a simple form of ornamental turning lathe - they are not soldered up from parts. It also shows off the skill of the cap bolt maker, yet another specialisation worthy of research.

A rare survival and a good record of a tradition long since passed, and bearing rare movement maker's and cap maker's stamps. In good original stoned condition, with some internal corrosion present on the cap, but generally cleaner than most rough movements that survive.