NICOLE & CAPT for E J DENT, London. No 30960


Good duplex movement retaining the original patent resilient banking, circa 1870.

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Typical three-quarter plate going-barrel movement jewelled to the 3rd, with Nicole’s improved, second type keyless work, the pillar-plate with N&C's twin stamped numbers. Duplex escapement retaining the ruby roller. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring with kink in the outer coil acting with an upright pin in one arm of the balance. 42 mm diameter.

The firm of E J Dent, London, one of the leading watch, chronometer and clock makers of the period - see the book on Edward John Dent and the various Dent firms by Vaudrey Mercer. NB: The great acclaim received by Dent for their watches shown at the great exhibition in 1851 was in large part due to these most stylish and technically ground breaking Nicole & Capt watches.

Adolphe Nicole & Jules Capt, manufacturers of the first successful keyless watches that could be wound and set without opening the case, suppliers to Messrs Dent only at this period, and later to many other top retailers. Adolphe Nicole, Patent No 10,348 of October 1844, includes, amongst other important features, this unusual resilient patent for watches with duplex escapement. See my site Glossary for more information about this most underrated London firm. 

Dial with the usual short hair crack into the seconds bit from the centre (such cracks almost certainly occurred when the dial was originally drilled), lacking seconds hand and the steel winding wheel bar. Not cleaned by me and willing to tick when wound, but sold as needing at least a service and fresh oil in order to work properly. At one time in the late Francis Wadsworth collection.