BENZIE, Cowes. Swiss Patent pocket watch and barometer, circa 1900


Rare complete example of A T Hüe's English Patent No 21,112, December 1891.

More details

Silver engine-turned case numbered 895184, with Swiss hallmarks throughout. Swiss keyless watch movement with English style pin hand-setting. Detached lever escapement with steel escape. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Enamel dial marked SWISS MADE. Mounted in the case with a slim aneroid barograph movement with LP(?) monogram and numbered E 1450, driving what is a centre-barograph hand that shows on the inner fixed silvered scale surrounding the enamel dial, with an outer silvered altimeter scale attached to and being turned with the front bezel. 54 mm diameter. In its original red leather travelling box with integral stand, the rear with gilt stamp for its retailer.

Simpson Benzie, High St, Cowes, Isle of Wight "Chronometer, Watch and Clock Makers, Nautical Jeweller, Silversmith, &c" retailers.

I have seen very few of these watches, most of which have a variety of languages engraved on their barometer scales. The original French Patent was taken out, I believe, by Th Hüe, rue des Gravilliers, Paris, though not all examples have the additional altimeter scale. 

The box, watch and scales showing just a few signs of age, but certainly the best quality and most complete example I have seen of this rare watch. Serviced for its previous owner and working well, but can be freshly serviced if wanted.