Ellicott & TAYLOR, London. No 9406


Fine quality 'Regency' watch by this famous firm, in lovely original condition.

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Gold paircase hallmarked London 1810, casemaker WM (William Mansell, Clerkenwell, an important maker mentioned by Priestley but not given his full dates - see Grimwade), the outer with equation-of-time watchpaper issued by the firm. Capped and jewelled movement with going fusee, beautifully engraved cock and a balance-brake operating on the 4th wheel. Jewelled cylinder escapement with 16-tooth gilt-brass escape. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Lovely one-piece enamel dial in perfect condition and matching gold hands. 53.5 mm diameter.

Ellicott and TAYLOR, the important but short-lived partnership coming near the end of the line for the Ellicott dynasty. See 'The Watches of Ellicotts of London' by David Thompson, in Antiquarian Horology, Summer and Autumn issues 1997. NB: The use of caps for TAYLOR's name during the partnership is almost certainly intended.

A lovely watch in lovely condition, not mint, but as good as I have seen. Serviced and guaranteed.