PEDOMETER - watch form


A perfect accompaniment for any silver watch on a 'double Albert' chain, circa 1875.

More details

Nicely made silver watch form crystal (flat glass) case with gold joints, casemaker's stamp JR in a diamond (probably Joseph Radges, The Butts, Coventry). Brass movement and oscillating weight pivoted at one side, with fine adjustment for stride length. Unusual and stylish black enamel dial marked out for 1 - 12 miles in perfect condition, with original and nicely made nickel(?) hand. 46 mm diameter. Together with its original velvet and silk lined box.

A superior model being better finished than the majority of pedometers I have seen and handled, and the only time I have ever seen one with a black dial. Resetting of the hand is done using ones finger, or just take a note of the hand position before undertaking any new exercise.

The box damaged but the pedometer itself in fine original, almost mint condition. Not cleaned by me but working properly.