New Geo JAMISON, Portsea. No 5905

Geo JAMISON, Portsea. No 5905


Good London-finished verge watch by this interesting maker.

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Large silver pair case, the outer containing a contemporary watchpaper, hallmarked London 1795, casemaker B.N (Bartholomew Need, Clerkenwell). Fullplate fusee movement with nicely engraved cock and barrel-bar. Verge (recoil) escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Lovely late Georgian enamel dial with down curved edge, complete with its original pierced gold hands. 61 mm diameter.

George Jamison, Portsea and London, one of the makers of Mudge-copy chronometers in partnership with Paul Phillip Barraud and William Howells, about whom very little is known after his bankruptcy and the ending of his association with Barraud. NB: This watch dates from the time that Jamison first took up his position working for Thomas Mudge junior - see also Jagger. 

Outer case with small dent near the front edge at 9, which could certainly be much improved, and the dial with a few minor blemishes - it is not cracked. Otherwise in very good original condition and complete with a proper high dome glass, the centre-arbour never having been filed down in order to fit a glass that is too low. Serviced and guaranteed.