HAM, Skinner St, London. No 38583


£ 145.00

Good early example of a single-roller lever, with unusual banking, circa 1823

More details

Capped fullplate fusee movement, with cap jewels on balance (diamond) and escape. Single-roller detached lever escapement, the lever of early waisted form with unusual single-pin baking via the forked tail - see pic. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Perfect one piece cream enamel dial signed PATENT. 46 mm diameter, 13 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

John Ham, London, known to have sold good and often interesting watches, including chronometers and a lovely Smiths 5-tooth lever movement, from the Nelthropp collection, which the Clockmakers Company sold at auction in 1981!

NB: This movement is a perfect example of the use of the term PATENT at this period. After the success of Litherland's rack lever and the new detached lever escapements by Massey, both of which were patented, the term seems to have been used in the trade when referring to any of the new lever escapements, including those by Savage and the single-roller, neither of which were patented. The banking in this watch providing clear evidence that the escapement has not been changed from a Massey.

Lacking hands, otherwise in very good original condition. Not cleaned by me and will just about tick if wound, but sold as not working.