J.B (probably John Beesley), Prescot. No 21699


£ 65.00

Rare rough movement, circa 1865.

More details

Fullplate fusee movement ready to be trained, 'scaped and finished, the hollow-back pillar plate stamped J.B and with its Liverpool size 16 x 0/2 (0/2 being the distance between the plates). All pivot holes drilled oversize allowing the arbors to be in place ready for plugging with hard brass when the train was finally depthed. Complete with balance cock but no train or escapement parts present. Movement 45 mm diameter, 10 mm deep.

Various rough movement manufactures with the initials J.B are recorded as having worked in Prescot and the surrounding areas. John Beesley of Prescot, is one of the lesser known of Liverpool watch rough movement manufacturers which were suppliers to most of the English finishers and retailers of their day. That said, this J.B stamp is rarely seen.

An interesting and rare document regarding the English practice of making watches, no watch collection complete without such an unfinished example. NB: English watch manufacturing was split into at least forty separate specialist trades at this time, around 50% who were involved in the manufacture of rough movements, which the Swiss/French called an ebauche. It is easy to see how much work was still needed at this point, but also to see how wonderfully good and crisp was the work of these pre-eminent Prescot specialists.

In very good original condition, much cleaner than most such rough movements that survive.