John NEALE, Liverpool. No 536


£ 295.00

Good Lancashire watch with Massey-type 2 escapement.

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Barrel-edge silver case hallmarked Chester 1836, casemaker EK (probably Edward Kirkman, Liverpool). Capped fullplate fusee movement, the cock typically engraved PATENT LEVER, the cap stamped 'W.W.' Massey-type 2 detached lever escapement, with the jewel supported at both ends. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. One-piece cream enamel dial, gilt hands. 53.5 mm diameter.

John Neale, Liverpool, one of many thousands of watchmakers working in the Lancashire area at this period.

Edward Massey, Newcastle, Coventry and Liverpool, escapement manufacturer and Patentee of the first extensively used detached lever escapements. Catalogued in recent times by Alan Treherne, the various types have come to be called from 1 to 5. Types-I and -5 are the earliest and least common, followed by type-2 and then type-3. Type-4 is a seconds beating-variant, usually fitted with a type-3 roller, and is very rare indeed. NB: Good, clean cased examples of types-1 and -5 are now rare and even type-2 examples are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Dial with faint hair crack and mismatched hands, otherwise a fine example in good original condition. Not serviced by me but will tick when wound.