Jno BROWN, London. No 6443


£ 995.00

Good pair case verge in unusual complete condition, with a most interesting provenance.

More details

Silver case hallmarked London 1813, casemaker NP (probably Nathaniel Potticary, Clerkenwell), the outer finely engraved 'HOP & MALT Merchant, Chesterfield, 1824,' the inner with 'WB' initials in a different hand, probably the date of the watch. Fullplate fusee movement with nicely engraved cock. Verge escapement, steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Fine enamel dial, matching pierced gold hands. 51.5 mm diameter.

Though not signed in full for its owner, the watch contains a contemporary hand embroidered watch token, with the initials WB under flowers. Luckily, there is also a watchpaper issued by Jn Thompson of Packers Row Chesterfield, which has written on the back "Mr Burkitt, Feby 12th, 47" - probably placed there at a time it was cleaned and serviced. 'WB' is almost certainly William Burkitt, corn merchant and maltster, father of William Burkitt who was twice Mayor of Lynn and a director of the King's Lynn Docks & Railways, and who was also a prosperous corn merchant with interests in Lynn and Chesterfield - see the website: http://www.hfstephens-museum.org.uk/locomotives/gazelle/william-burkitts-life-and-career. NB: It is most unusual to find such a complete and interesting survival, two hundred years old this year.

In very good overall condition, showing some signs of wear but much less than would be expected, the dial with only a few light scratches and no chips or cracks. Fully overhauled and guaranteed.