Chas FRODSHAM 'AD Fmsz' 84 Strand, London. No 08158


£ 5,450.00

Best quality keyless free-sprung watch with up/down, in makers box.

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Beautifully detailed heavy crystal (flat glass) case with 5-knuckle joints and swivel bow, hallmarked 1892, sponsor's mark HMF (Harrison Mill Frodsham), but almost certainly by Fred Thoms. Halfplate fusee movement jewelled to the fusee, with cap jewels on balance (diamond), lever and escape, the frame supplied by JP (Joseph Preston). Double-roller detached lever escapement of tuning-fork pattern. Top quality compensation balance with quarter timing nuts, free-sprung balance-spring with triple overcoil. Signed WILLIS enamel dial with state-of-wind indication at 12, in perfect condition, original blued-steel hands. 49.5 mm diameter. Together with maker's velvet and silk lined, gold tooled, green leather box.

Charles Frodsham, along with his great rival Edward John Dent, the most famous of London’s great 19th century clock, watch and chronometer makers – see the book on the various Frodsham firms by Vaudrey Mercer, a copy of which is usually available on my website. NB: On the death of Charles Frodsham, in 1871, the firm was being run by his son Harrison Mill Frodsham, and his 'HMF' stamp began to be used as the firm's standard for hallmarking their best cases - it does not mean that Harrison Mill Frodsham was the casemaker. The HMF sponsor's mark, along with RN (Robert North), are to be found on some of the very best English cases ever made, as is this.

In fine original and obviously well cared for condition, the case with no previous engraving - a perfect English watch of the period. Serviced and guaranteed.