SMITHS 'De Luxe' Cheltenham. No J/C294539


£ 195.00

Stylish all-English wristwatch in lovely original condition, circa 1955.

More details

3-piece chrome plated case with snap-on stainless-steel back. Smiths classic 27.CS, 17 jewel centre-seconds movement, adapted from the 12.15, with 'Permalife' unbreakable mainspring, as designed by Robert Lenoir and his team in Cheltenham around 1946. Double-roller detached lever escapement with polished steel escape, the monometallic balance with beryllium balance-spring. Black dial with raised gilt batons and matching gilt hands, the centre seconds with the usual red tip. 32 mm diameter, not including button or lugs. Together with makers De Luxe box.

This is similar to Smiths model A:260 shown in their 1957 catalogue, page 56, but the black dial having gilt numerals and hands, as in Smiths similar A:358 model, this number being on the box.

For more information about Smiths English wristwatches see the short note in my website Glossary, and my illustrated article on Smiths ‘English Wristwatches’ in the April 2003 issue of Antique Collecting. NB: This case style is not waterproof and all Smiths wristwatches of this date are best kept well away from damp conditions. Please also be aware that most Smiths paper covered De Luxe boxes, used for their plated rather than solid gold models, rarely survive, this blue example being one of the least common.

The plating on the centre-seconds hand showing some deterioration (it could be replaced), otherwise looking to have been hardly worn, the chrome plating in lovely condition and the watch still having its original priced paper sticker on the back. Fitted with best quality new/old stock black leather strap. Not cleaned by me but winding and ticking well.