John HUTTON, 10 Mark Lane, London. No 1087


£ 125.00

Fusee movement with rare compensation curb, circa 1850.

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Three quarter-plate hollow-back fusee movement with rim cap, the 14-size movement stamped JH (presumably Hutton). Single-roller detached lever escapement. Gold balance, spiral balance-spring with large bimetallic compensation stud. Signed enamel dial, gold hands. 43.5 mm diameter, 9.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor

John Hutton, 10 Mark Lane, London, chronometer and watch maker, holder of Patent No 11427 in 1846 for auxiliary compensation in chronometers, a compensation stud for watches and improved compensation in regulators.

Dial with hair cracks and edge chips. Otherwise complete and with a fine example of the Patent stud which is one of the largest and best example of its type I have seen. Balance not swinging free, and not working.