Barraud & Lunds, 41 Cornhill, London. No 3/1437


£ 95.00

Rare Lund's Patent attached key / keyless movement, circa 1880.

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Good 3rd-series three-quarter plate movement, the going-barrel with 'female' winding square, now(?) with unusual 'sliding-spring' keyless work, Single-roller detached lever escapement. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Perfect signed enamel dial. 41 mm diameter, 8 mm deep not including centre arbor.

Paul Philip Barraud and John Richard Lund, one of the leading London watch and chronometer manufacturers throughout the 19th century - see the book by Cedric Jagger Paul Phillip Barraud and the Supplement for extensive details of this important London firm. J A Lund's Patent No 914, March 1870, in which a 'male' winding key is held within what otherwise appears to be a standard keyless pendant. Sold as Barraud & Lunds 'Railway' watch' in their Illustrated Price List of circa 1895, of which copies of my 1997 reprint are available in the Book Section on this website.

NB: The keyless work in this movement is both somewhat unusual and of top London quality and it is difficult to reconcile just what has happened. It is presumably a keyless conversion to the original Lund's Patent frame. If so, it is very well done and, in my experience, unique - and was probably done by Barraud's themselves.

Broken balance pivot, hands and upper 4th wheel jewel setting lacking. Otherwise complete and in good original, if rather dirty condition. Not working.