Will BATHO, London. No 3


£ 2,950.00

Good 18th century verge with champleve dial, in fine original condition, circa 1735/40.

More details

Silver pair case, the inner case hallmark present but rubbed, the casemaker EG (probably Edward Gibbons, London), the outer with no marks, as is often seen with silver cases at this date. Beautifully engraved fullplate fusee movement of the period with square baluster pillars, the cock not having suffered the common disfiguring alterations caused by later changes to the banking. Two-piece silver champleve dial, the centre with the first owner's name WILLIAM SHEEN, blued-steel beetle & poker hands. 49 mm diameter.

I can find no reference to William Batho in the horological records but a customer (thank you Keith) has found just one amongst the public records of the period: Batho was listed as a barber and peruke-maker in the 1740's and, while acting as a character witness at an Old Bailey trial in 1759, was described as  perriwig-maker to the Prince of Wales, a position of some influence it would suggest. The casemaker is also open to doubt as Grimwade records Edward Gibbons' stamp having a daisy above the incuse letters EG, which in this case it appears never to have had. 

NB: Along with the early serial number of the watch, an owners' name on the dial and the questions about Batho and Gibbons, this watch is altogether full of potential leads for further research that could lead to new information. What I can add is that the cases belong together, are undoubtably original to the movement, and both case and movement are very good London / Geo Graham quality.

In lovely original condition, the pendant still revolving and not later soldered, and altogether much better than the majority of surviving watches of this age, with correct high dome (non bullseye) glass - a fine watch. Serviced and guaranteed.