J ROBBINS, London. No 544


£ 395.00

Fine and large repeating movement with duplex escapement, circa 1815.

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Beautifully made and finished fullplate movement with cap jewels on balance (diamond) and escape, the half-quarter repeating work of best English (Stogdon) pattern. Duplex (frictional rest) escapement retaining its ruby roller and twin blued-steel gongs. Pennington-type compensation balance having screws fitted into pre-drilled and tapped holes. Blued-steel spiral balance-spring. Finely engine-turned solid silver dial with applied hour hour numerals, gold hands. 50.5 mm diameter, 14 mm deep not including centre arbor.

John Robbins, probably the  watchmaker recorded by Loomes as working from Charing Cross at this date. 

NB: This movement is top quality London work and is reminiscent of similar watches by sold by Vulliamy, particularly in their late use of Stogden repeat work. It is also a relatively early repeater fitted with Pennington's fully developed screw balance and, in what would no doubt have been a large gold case, will have been one of the best London repeating watches of the period.

No seconds hand, a broken hour hand and all rather dirty with the bloom of long dried up oil as well as some light rusting to the exposed steelwork. Otherwise complete and in very good original condition, and a most worthwhile restoration project. Not cleaned by me, and obviously not for many years, but will just about tick if the maintaining power is applied. The plunge repeat work will run but the all-or-nothing work looks to be gummed up. Sold as needing at least a complete service in order to operate correctly.