Richard SERJEANT, Aughton. 1846


£ 1,945.00

Rare example of an 'Ormskirk' escapement watch, with provenance

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Silver paircase hallmarked Chester 1846, casemaker HF (probably Henry Fishwick, Liverpool). Capped fullplate fusee movement jewelled on the balance and contrate, the cap stamped J.B (probably James Berry, Prescot). Ormskirk (Debaufre) dead-beat escapement with twin ratchet tooth steel escape wheels acting on a single steel pallet. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Cream enamel dial, gold hands. 57.5 mm diameter.

Though not previously recorded, as far as I know, Richard Serjeant was living in Aughton, a small hamlet south of Ormskirk and the fact that this watch is date numbered may indicate this watch was his own. NB: Various different arrangements of escape wheel/s and pallet/s are known within such watches finished in Lancashire, this being unusual in that it appears to be all-English work as opposed to the many imported rough movements with going-barrel and Swiss/French-style coquerettes on the balance-cock.

Further information since received shows: Richard Serjeant was born in 1830 to a prosperous yeoman farmer, continuing the farming business and dying in Ormskirk in 1921. This watch would have almost certainly have been a 16th birthday present from his parents - some gift.

Hair cracks to dial, otherwise in fine original condition. A rare escapement made more so in that it is in an English fusee watch. Serviced and guaranteed.