M MONCRIEFF, South Shields. No 11874


£ 195.00

Unusual pivoted-detent chronometer movement, circa 1870.

More details

Slim capped fullplate fusee movement, the 16-size hollow-back Lancashire frame of typical lever design but finished with a rare chronometer escapement, the cap stamped J.F (Probably James Furlong, Liverpool). Pivoted detent escapement with steel detent and ruby locking pin, acting with a short spiral restoring spring, the outer end of the detent protected with a brass block fixed to the top plate. Spiral balance-spring. Enamel dial signed CHRONOMETER, blued-steel hands. 45 mm diameter, only 10.5 mm deep.

Mitchell Moncrieff, recorded as working in Market Place, South Shields, Co Durham, till 1877.

NB: Detent escapements were usually fitted into frames designed for them but English escapement makers would fit to any supplied frames, as here, where the intention was to supply a customer with a watch as slim as a standard lever. It also means that a standard lever sized case should be capable of re-housing the movement, if wanted.

Hair cracks in dial and incomplete seconds hand. Otherwise complete but not cleaned by me and not willing to work although the balance pivots appear OK.