Paul DITISHEIM ‘Solvil’ Geneva. No 739413


£ 895.00

Good English 'sidewinder' cased watch by this important Swiss maker, with his Patent balance.

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Dennison 9ct pink gold openface crystal (flat glass) case with 'DQ' (Dennison Quality) safety bow, hallmarked Birmingham 1919. Hunter-set nickel barred keyless movement jewelled to the centre with fine adjustment regulator. Double-roller detached lever escapement with steel club-tooth escape. Monometallic balance with Ditisheim’s Patent compensation affixes, Elinvar balance-spring. Enamel dial in perfect condition, gold hands. 49.5 mm diameter.

Paul Ditisheim, Solvil, 34 & 35 High Holborn, London, English PATENTS No 256,620 and 256,953, August 1925. NB: Ditisheim watches came first in the Kew/NPL Trials in 1903, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920 and 1924.

Paul Ditisheim SA, Fabrique d'Horologerie Ditis & Solvil. Formed in 1920, after more than twenty years of the greatest success in the English and Swiss watch and chronometer Trials, in which Ditisheim developed a series of improved and Patent balances. Swiss Patent No 91169, August 1920, described by Ditisheim in his article 'Demonstration of (a) A New Balance for Compensating the Temperature Error of watches and Chronometers... published in the Proceedings of the Physical Society of London, Vol 35, Part 5, August 15, 1923. See also David Torren’s excellent obituary of Paul Ditishem, the most important watchmaker of his day, published in the Horological Journal, December 1945.

The Birmingham based firm of A L Dennison, originally set up by Aaron Dennison, one of the founders of the American watch industry, the most important English manufacturer of machine-made watch cases  - see the recent book on Aaron Lufkin Dennison. An Industrial Pioneer and his Legacy by Philip Priestley. NB: Hunter-set movements in interchangeable open-face cases were much more common in the US than here where they are known as 'sidewinders'

A well made and accurate watch in fine condition and unusually cased, the time falls particularly nicely to hand when worn on a chain. Not cleaned by me and appears to be working well, but the case hand set 'secret spring' a bit weak - these are readily available for Dennison cases.