Jas McCABE, Royal Exchange, London. No 03014


£ 165.00

Good clean movement with Savage 2-pin escapement, circa 1860.

More details

Three-quarter plate key-wound movement, finished from a 10-size hollow-back Lancashire frame. Savage 2-pin detached lever escapement. Gold balance, spiral balance-spring. Lovely one piece signed enamel dial in perfect condition, original gold fleur-de-lys hands. 39 mm diameter, 7.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

James McCabe, one of the most famous English watchmakers of the 19th century, known to have sold good quality detached lever watches, including those with Savage 2-pin escapements – see the article on the firm by Paul Hackamack published in Antiquarian Horology, vol 10, 1977, pages 308-316.

George Savage, escapement maker, invented but did not Patent his improved detached lever escapement sometime around 1814. It needed exact manufacture to work properly and was never widely used, other than in the best, usually London, work.

Just the very tip of minute hand lacking, otherwise a good and complete example of this makers work. Not cleaned by me and the balance not running freely - possibly a bent or mushroomed pivot. No working, but the hands alone worth the price.