Day/date calendar - Swiss/English work. No 6237


£ 225.00

Rare rough movement with complications, circa 1890.

More details

Slim English-style three-quarter plate keyless going-barrel movement complete with train, keyless work and most of the steel work, the underdial calendar work and adjusting pushers also installed and working. The escapement parts (detached lever) balance and balance-spring yet to be fitted but some parts are included in a small brown paper parcel held between the plates by the balance cock - I have not looked inside. Movement 44.5 mm diameter and 8 mm deep, not including arbors nor dial.

The movement possibly by Lecoultre, but no markings seen although I did not remove the calendar work to check. The plate is numbered 6237

NB: Of typically English design, the is movement is one of very many such similar rough movements made in Switzerland for finishing in England, the cluster of steel parts holding the keyless work to the top plate  indicative of its real origins.

A rare survival, in good and complete condition.