DENT ‘Watchmaker to the Queen’ 61 Strand & 34 Royal Exchange, London. No 32606


£ 95.00

Rare movement with M G Cole's earlier Patent for resilient banking, circa 1870.

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Three-quarter plate going-barrel movement jewelled to the 4th, with cap jewels on balance (diamond) lever and escape, the 10-size frame stamped both JD and for DENT. Single-roller lever escapement with tuning fork-type lever having a thin resilient tail acting on two fixed banking pins - see pic. Compensation balance, balance-spring with overcoil. 39.5 mm diameter, 7 mm deep, not including dial or centre arbor.

The firm of E J Dent, 61 Strand & 4 Royal Exchange, London, one of the most important English watch, clock and chronometer makers of the second half of the 19th century. See also the book on Dent by Vaudrey Mercer, page 612.

Mortimer George Cole, Belvedere House, Bexley Heath, Kent, PATENT No 657, March 1869. The first of two Patents taken out by Cole for resilient banking. NB: Most watches by Dent, and other retailers, sold as resilient are not in fact resilient, the tail not being thin enough to act as a spring.

Lacking dial and hands, and with broken staff, otherwise a good example of this unusual English Patent. Not working.