BARRAUD'S, Cornhill, London. No 8733


£ 195.00

Top quality 'all brass' movement by this famous firm, circa 1815.

More details

First-series keywound fullplate fusee movement with cap jewels on balance and escape, of typical Barraud 'plain' or 'all-brass' caliper having gilt brass balance, index and stud. Duplex (frictional rest) escapement, retaining the ruby roller, now so often missing or replaced with steel. Plain 4-arm gilt brass balance, spiral balance spring. Lovely one-piece signed enamel dial in perfect condition. 45.5 mm diameter, 12.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Paul Philip Barraud and John Richard Lund, one of the leading London watch and chronometer manufacturers, of which the late Cedric Jagger produced a good history and checklist of their productions in his Book and its Supplement on the firm. 

NB: Given the term 'plain' by Jagger, this caliper is in reality a sophisticated and well made design, and was probably manufactured for Barrauds by the Pennington family being typical of their top quality work. 

Lacking hands and some rust on the endstone setting, otherwise the movement is complete and in fine original condition. Not cleaned by me but will tick happily when wound.