Francis BAKER. London


£ 395.00

Good quarter-repeating movement, circa 1740.

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Capped fullplate fusee movement with nicely pierced and engraved cock and slide-plate, with plunge repeat work of typical English design, the main alternative to Stogdon's pattern at this period - see Wadsworth. Verge (recoil) escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Later but purpose made white enamel dial in perfect condition, the brass-edge retaining the pulse-piece mechanism which is nearly always missing. With similarly purpose fitted gold hands, probably done when it was re-cased at a later date - now just a movement. 34.5 mm diameter, 15.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor

Francis Baker, London, about whom little is known, but recorded by Britten as working in the Poultry at this period.

NB: Francis Wadsworth, ‘A History of Repeating Watches,’ article in Antiquarian Horology, 1964-65, still the best concise information on this most interesting subject.

Lacking a hammer banking spring and very dusty, the plates with the bloom of long dried up oil. Despite this it will tick if pressure is applied to the train, but the repeating work appears to be seized. Sold as needing at least a service and fresh oil to work properly.