Hector GOLAY, London


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All-English keyless minute repeating rough movement with minute and seconds chronograph, circa 1890.

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Golay Patent half-plate movement, the top plate with raised barrel and complete with finished keyless work and minute repeating train which is mounted under the steel plate carrying the finished chronograph train, the wheel train planted but not the escapement, the cock with fine adjustment regulator as fitted to their best work. 44 mm diameter.

Charles Hector Golay, 46 Myddleton Square, London, Patent No 12417, October 1885. Swiss born (the Jura) but working most of his life in London, Golay was the main manufacturer, along with Nicole, Nielsen & Co, of the very best British made complicated watch work at the latter part of the 19th century. This minute repeating chronograph movement, with minute counter, is exactly as shown in Golay’s trade catalogue of circa 1885 and is part of the material left over after C H Golay retired in 1911 - it remains in the same paper as then wrapped. NB: For anyone considering perhaps finishing a small run of these English complicated movements, please get in touch as I may be able to help.

In good original condition, a very rare survival and a document of past English manufacturing practice of some importance - more so than any finished example.