ARMY & NAVY Co-operative Society Ltd, 105 Victoria St, London. No 8734


£ 995.00

Good free-sprung keyless watch in Thoms case.

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Silver half-hunter case with gold joints and nibs, hallmarked London 1902, casemaker F.T (Fred Thoms, Clerkenwell). Three-quarter plate keyless going-barrel movement jewelled to the 3rd with cap jewels on balance (diamond) lever and escape. Single-roller detached lever escapement. Compensation balance, free-sprung balance-spring with overcoil. Numbered enamel dial, as usual for this firm, blued-steel hands, the original hour hand of the correct double spade shape. 51 mm diameter.

The Army & Navy Stores, originally set up in 1871 to supply officers in the armed forces working for the British Empire, home and abroad, retailers of best quality pocket watches, of which this is a typical example.

Frederick Thoms, rightly known as the finest watch case maker of his day. NB: This case bears the earlier of his two stamps, which should not be confused with the work of Frederick Traherne who was working in Coventry.

The watch showing the usual small signs of wear, otherwise a fine and relatively cheap English free-sprung watch, without any previous presentation engraving. Serviced, guaranteed and still capable of everyday use.