Minute repeater - Swiss work


£ 345.00

Rare rough minute repeater movement, circa 1860, in the English style.

More details

Slim three-quarter plate key wound Swiss made fusee movement for the English market, the slide-operated repeat work in place and fully finished, including the twin polished steel gongs. The train in place but no escapement, balance or balance-spring, the escape jeweling completed and probably English work. 40.5 mm diameter, only 8.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

This form of repeating movement began to be a common import into the English market during the first half of the nineteenth century and most so-called 'English repeaters' of the second half of the 19th century are in fact Swiss. Note also the minute marks on the movement surrounding the repeat work. This is so the watch can be timed accurately without the dial when being adjusted, a good idea that in my experience English repeating workers never followed. Most but not all such movements were 'scaped and dialled in the UK and the movements engraved and gilded to meet their English retailers requirements, this particular movement going astray during its jeweling by the look of it.

A rare survival in fine complete and original, if rather dusty, condition. Ideal as a record of the wonderful hand skills long since passed.