Sale! KLOKKEN - Simon De Witt lucifers

KLOKKEN - Simon De Witt lucifers


£ 10.00

Full set (1 to 20 + 1) of late 20th century Matchbox labels.

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Paper labels from box of matches manufactured in Holland. 2 x 1/3 inches, plus the larger label from the series, 3 x 2 1/2 inches.

Simon de Wit were a major supplier of matches and used many images on their boxes in order to attract buyers. This set shows a range of mostly Dutch clocks, plus a few English and French types.

Matchbox labels were once a common collectable, just as stamps still are, but with the decline in using matches they are now rarely seen.

Not important in the slightest, other than confirming how much clocks and watches are part of everyday life, but still fun. In fine condition some showing they been fixed with a stamp album mount at some point, the large box label with small loss at bottom edge. Unusual in the full set.