BARRAUD & LUNDS, 14 Bishopsgate St, London. No 3/48641


£ 65.00

Good late "half-chronometer" movement by this famous firm, circa 1905.

More details

Third-series three-quarter plate going-barrel movement (hunter set) jewelled to the 3rd with cap jewels on balance, lever and escape, with raised-barrel top-plate and rocking-bar keyless work, the 16-size frame probably Coventry work at this period. Single-roller detached lever escapement. Compensation balance, balance-spring with overcoil. Enamel dial in perfect condition, original blued-steel hands. 45 mm diameter, 9.5 mm deep not including centre arbor.

Paul Philip Barraud and John Richard Lund, one of the leading London watch and chronometer manufacturers throughout the 19th century. See the book on Barraud and its Supplement by Cedric Jagger for extensive details of this important London firm, and also my reprint of their Illustrated Price List of circa 1895, which gives details of this calibre of watch - hunter cased 'going-barrel' half-chronometer watches this size cost around £40 in 1895. Copies always available on my website.

NB: The term "half-chronometer" used by Barraud and other English firms has created a great deal of modern misunderstanding. It began to be used by some London manufacturers in the later part of the 19th century to indicate that the compensation balances had been properly adjusted for heat and cold, as they were with chronometers. It does not indicate a chronometer or Robin-variant escapement. Adjusted balances look exactly the same as unadjusted balances, however, and the term soon began to be used as a marketing ploy by those firms less scrupulous than Barrauds. Barrauds' numbering is also haphazard at times and I know of only very few others that have a five-figure serial number. This may, however, indicate an engravers error in this instance, and which may explain the absence of the firms usual serial number on its enamel dial.

Broken balance pivot, otherwise in very good original condition, and with a perfect and re-usable dial. Not working.