CYRUS G T 'Swiss Made' case No 1301470


£ 195.00

Early wristwatch in fine original condition.

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Swiss silver case with fixed lugs and jointed back, import hallmark 1910, importers stamp GS (George Stockall). Pale gilt three-quarter plate movement jewelled to the 3rd. Straight line detached lever escapement with polished steel escape. Compensation balance, balance-spring with overcoil. Enamel dial with red 12 in perfect condition, gilt hands. 32 mm diameter. Together with a contemporary 'one piece' leather strap with silver buckle.

Cyrus, a brand name used by the G Thommen company, also using the Revue-Thommen name from 1908. Originally based in Waldenburg, they later had other factories in Chaux-de-Fonds and other Swiss centres. See Pritchard for a good history of this important Swiss firm.

Wristwatches with wire lugs began to appear in the last decade of the 19th century but examples are uncommon prior to the marked increase in production created by military use in the 1st World War. This watch predates that event and shows that most wristwatches of this early period, large or small, could be worn by both sexes, depending only on wrist size and personal taste. The case of this example bearing the engraving: Gertie F Harris. 'DOLLY' from 'TORTIE' Xmas 1911.

NB: Wire lugs could be used with silk ribbon or leather straps, depending on gender, and it seems that most early watches that were supplied with leather straps had them stitched in situ. Unlike ribbon, replacing leather straps was not that easy and one of the main alternatives was the one-piece strap that did not need stitching, passing through the lugs and under the case. Variations on a theme soon followed and this example is an improvement as the design keeps the head in position on the strap, limiting sideways travel. It is a rare form of very early strap, almost none of which have survived the expected wear and tear. Please also note the downward bend of the lugs, a clear indication that a one-piece strap was catered for, shorter wire lugs without the bend really needing two-piece straps to sit correctly.

Winding and working well but not cleaned by me and priced accordingly. It can be freshly serviced if required - my charge would be approximately £150 plus parts. Please know however that the present vintage strap, although in good condition now, is unlikely to remain so for long if worn. It could of course be replaced with a modern open-ended strap if wanted.