LITHERLAND DAVIES & Co, Liverpool. No 8480


£ 3,495.00

Very rare early Savage 2-pin lever watch with Berrollas Patent repeating.

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Gold double back case with barrel edge hallmarked Chester 1815, casemaker TH (Thomas Helsby, Liverpool). Unusual fullplate fusee movement with large barrel-bar extending over the fusee, the manually operated repeat work mounted under the dial - see picture of a similar Berrollas movement. Finished with a rare early Savage 2-pin detached lever escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. Original off-white enamel dial, gold hand. 51 mm diameter.

Peter Litherland, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. The most famous of Liverpool watchmakers, known for his invention of the rack-lever escapement, but he was also one of the first watch manufacturers to fit the new detached lever escapements of both Edward J Massey and George Savage.

George Savage invented but did not Patent his improved detached lever escapement around 1814. Working within narrower tolerances than the normal lever escapements its use was never great within the watchmaking fraternity, even though examples can be found dating up to and post 1850. Its theoretical advantages make it perhaps the finest detached escapement for general pocket wear, this being a particularly nice example. The use of draw by Savage pre-dates Massey and points to him already having a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of the detached lever escapement by 1814. NB: This is amongst the earliest examples I have handled of this fine escapement.

Joseph Anthony Berrollas, Patent No 3174, October 1808. "Infallible repeating watches." The pendant being turned to the right, operates on the hour rack. On being turned to the left to bring it back again, it operates on the quarter rack. A most inventive and underrated watchmaker, holder of four patents. See also Robt Roskell, No 10030, shown in The Camerer Cuss Book of Antique Watches, plate (item) 132.

Repaired edge chips to dial and a few slight bruises to the case band, otherwise in good, used condition. Once in the Liverpool based watch collection of David Evans. Serviced and guaranteed.