Charles FRODSHAM, 84 Strand, London. No 07832


£ 195.00

Rare Bridgeman 'new caliper' movement finished for the American market, circa 1890.

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Unusual three-quarter plate keyless (hunter-set) movement with hanging barrel, jewelled to the centre and with nickel damascened plates. Single-roller detached lever escapement. Compensation balance, balance-spring with overcoil. Beautiful WILLIS (quality and colour) snap-on signed enamel dial in perfect condition, blued-steel hand. 42.5 mm diameter, 89 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Charles Frodsham (1810-1871) the most famous of the Frodsham family of clock and watch makers. This unusual caliper of movement specially designed by Richard Bridgman who was at one time with McCabes before joining the Charles Frodsham firm. He later formed a partnership with Brindle during which some spectacular items, both clocks and watches, were made. See also Mercer 'The Frodshams' page 206.

NB: After the importation of the Swiss practice of damascening nickel plates, the American market quickly associated it with the better grades of watch, unlike in the UK. This had an effect on English exports and most of those companies looking to sell watches in the US began to offer a range of nickel finished movements, such as this example by Frodsham. Please also note that this movement has been finished with American-style lever hand setting.

Staff pivot broken, lacking hands and rather dirty. Otherwise complete and with a lovely unnumbered dial of best WILLIS quality and colour - please note that many dials were manufactured and sold by Willis without having been named on the reverse. Not working.