Willm HOWELLS, London. No 16


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Rare movement by this famous maker, circa 1775, later associated with Mudge-copy chronometers.

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Good quality and well engraved small fullplate fusee movement now lacking the top balance jeweling, but it was never capped. Verge (recoil) escapement. Steel balance. spiral balance-spring. Pillar-plate 34.5 mm diameter, 12 mm deep.

William Howells (1753- 1814), watchmaker, employed by Thomas Mudge junior to make the escapements in the first run of Mudge-copy chronometers in 1794. This was one year after Howells had been chosen to serve on a Select Committee of the House of Commons set up to investigate the petition of Thomas Mudge concerning an additional reward for his pioneering chronometer work. The association with Mudge junior proved an unhappy and short lived experience. For more information see the article on 'William Howells...,' written by me with the late Valerie Finch, published in Antiquarian Horology, June 1987 - part 2 was never published.

Fewer than ten watches are known to be signed by either William Howells or his son, also William, this being, by its number, the earliest known survivor.

Lacking brass-edge, dial, motion work and hands, as well as the top balance jeweling. Otherwise complete and in good original condition.