BIRCH & GAYDON, 153 Fenchurch St, London. No 2510


£ 145.00

Rare partially finished rough movement, circa 1900.

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Slim half plate keyless going-barrel movement with jeweling to the 4th in place, with cap jewels on balance (diamond), lever and escape, the 10-size hollow-back frame stamped J.P (Joseph Preston), stamp numbered 1912 and scratch numbered 2510. No train or 4th wheel cock present, but complete with its signed snap-on enamel dial by WILLIS in perfect condition. 40 mm diameter, 8 mm deep.

A firm started in the 18th century by William Turner, William Birch and Henry Martin Gaydon, "chronometer makers, goldsmiths and jewellers," they began their partnership at 172 Fenchurch St in 1883. The firm continued to trade until 1959 when it was purchased by Asprey & Co Ltd. Mostly retailers, buying in from the best makers, they are known for their Deck and karrusel watches, as well as many other fine pocket and a few early wrist watches. The workbooks of the firm survive and are now part of the Clockmakers' Company Library. See also the important article on the Turner and Birch workbooks by Alun C Davies in Antiquarian Horology, vol 17, page 478.

Joseph Preston, the most famous of Liverpool watch rough movement manufacturers, supplier to all the best English finishers and retailers of his day.